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Beijing Tourism Summary

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Beijing Tourism Summary
Published:2016.11.05 News Sources: Views:
     In recognition of the enthusiasm of the staff of the company, the company's leadership on the staff's concern, in accordance with the 2016 annual staff training program, integrated after the list through the audit confirmed publicity, the tourism training and One by one signed a security responsibility book, in June 9, 2016 organized the conditions of the 10 employees free Beijing tourism.
    June 9 morning to participate in the activities of the spirit of staff to go to Qingdao by high-speed rail in Beijing, in the great capital of the world's largest city square Tiananmen Square to watch the solemn flag-raising ceremony, pay tribute to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the People's Heroes Monument, Visited the ancient emperors of the garden, the palace buildings, the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven Park, the Palace Museum, Qianmen Street. The next few days to visit the majestic Great Wall, feel the charm of the Olympic Games, walk the Water Cube, the Bird's Nest and other attractions and personal experience of the institutions of higher learning environment and atmosphere, a few days down the play life is very comfortable, to play, Tour guides and team leader unified command, consciously do civilized tourists, the evening of June 12 by plane safe return to the company.
Through this activity, we benefited greatly, enhanced the confidence of positive life, opened up the knowledge of vision, feel the care, we agreed that the future work will be more efforts.
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