Over ten years of service employees in Yunnan tourism activities

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Over ten years of service employees in Yunnan tourism activities
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        According to the 2016 training plan, the company in order to motivate staff enthusiasm, reflecting the company's staff welfare and cultural life, in July 14, 2016 organized the conditions of nine employees free six-day tour in Yunnan.
To participate in tourism colleagues, by flight to Kunming, Kunming, arrived safely in the spring of the plateau city of Kunming ------, stay in a comfortable five-star hotel, tour the world's first wonders ------ Shilapipu pondering the three-way tea mellow Bai, Xanadu of the Han Gallery, the beautiful scenery of the Han Dynasty, the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Dali, Sunrise and sunset for the physical and mental relaxation have entered the realm, enjoy the picturesque scenery, taste the characteristics of Yunnan cuisine, unconsciously end the activities of the six days, July 19, reluctant to return to the safety of the company.
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