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    Qingdao factory

                                                     Floor Space: 47000 ㎡, total assets 120 million
  •                                                  Main Products:  Home Appliance Plastic Parts
  •                                                  Blow Molding Plastic Products, Injection Molding Products

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    Chongqing factory

                                       Floor Space 310000 , total assets 50 million.
  •                                    Main Products: Hollow Blow Molding Plastic Products, New Products Design 

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    Guangzhou factory

                                                  Floor Space 8900 ㎡, total assets of 50 Million
  •                                               Main Products: Inlet Hose of Dishwasher and Washing Machine

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    R&D Base 

    High Performance Pipe Research Base of Qingdao University of Science & Technology

  • Technology Inovation Base of Qingdao University of Since & Technology

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